Spoon carving courses available for individuals or group

Level 1 - your first hand-made spoon

Level 2 - developing the cuts to achieve flowing lines

Level 3 - finessing the finish

A wooden spoon is one of those items given little thought by anyone using it. Handmade spoons are a delight to use in the home, stirring stews or supping soup. If you've only ever used mass-produced spoons, then you are missing out on one of the most rewarding aspects of handmade treen - individuality. Chefs will have favourites: knives, pots, pans and ingredients. Interest in good home-cooking has grown enormously and handmade spoons are satisfying to own and use.

Woods such as sycamore have natural antibacterial properties which inhibit the growth of bacteria and mould, so it's the choice for all kinds of culinary products.

Sycamore, maple, walnut, teak oak, pine and many others are ideal for use in contact with food. Spoons, spatulas, salad servers, bowls and chopping boards are also easy to look after with a light oiling with a food-grade oil; walnut oil is a favourite of mine.

All my spoons are made from local, sustainable wood, mainly hardwoods. They are provided either oiled or raw, ready for use.